The Products in the range are all made from quality light or medium weight Habotai silk, and are coloured using a dye process developed by the artist. 
Colours are fast and hand washable to 30 degrees; always hang items or lay flat to dry; do not leave washed items crumpled up whilst damp. 
Items are best ironed on a cotton setting whilst still slightly damp. 
Jewellery items may also be lightly washed, metal components should be dried with a soft cloth or tissue before hanging to dry. 
To prevent tarnishing keep jewellery items in dry conditions; however, metal components may be cleaned with a metal cleaner if tarnishing occurs.
Ties are lined with a light wadding which allows for a knot of sufficient bulk, bow ties are interfaced to maintain shape. 
These items, and the hankies are made from medium weight silk, scarves and jewellery from the lighter weight.
Due to each item being individually hand made, sizes given are approximate as slight variations may occur. 

Dyelots vary from one batch to the next, and the patterned silk featured as the centrepiece of jewellery items such as Scarf Clips and Pendants will always vary in design and colour as no tiny piece of silk selected for the purpose will ever be the same.
Most Jewellery items can be ordered in a choice of silver or gold plated metal, the exceptions being the ear clips, scarf clips, cuff-links and necklaces with patterned drum or tube beads, which are only available in silver plate. 

Please indicate your choice on the order form, and remember to indicate required size for bow ties and scarves.



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