SCARVES in lightweight Habotai silk.

All scarves available in any choice from our colour selection.

(Please quote code number to order)

Large Squares:90cmx90cm/36"x36"-25.00
Far Left: Colour 9; Far Right: Colour 5
Small Squares: 60cmx60cm/24"x24"-14.00
Centre Left: Colour 11; Centre Right: Colour 13
Packaged: Large Colour 10; Small Colour 12
Long Length: 30cmx165cm/12"x66"-18.00
Short length: 30cmx120cm/12"x48"-14.00
Colours L-R: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,9,13,11,12

Narrow Double Weight Length 
Medium Length: 23cmx135cm/9"x53"-20.00
Colour shown 36
Narrow Double Weight Length
Long Length:23cmx176cm/9"x70"-25.00
Colour shown 34
                   Extra Large Length-25.00                  
Colour shown 21
Extra Large Length double weight edgeless scarf-48.00
Colour shown 23
Flouncy Scarf Gripper
Loop above pendant opens to push scarf through then tightens & holds scarf
Flounces measure 20cm from pendant
Shown with short length scarf:-14.00
Colour shown 20



NOTE: Scarves delivered packed as shown. All sizes approx.


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